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    Ukiyo 130, 3inch prop, 11XX - 13XX motor size2.5 mm unibody carbon frame26 gr with fasteners.Ideal for indoor FPV racing. NOTE : Ukiyo130 v2 is now available, redesigned a bit to fit better with a 4in1 esc + the runcam swift micro format. Comes now with a 3d printed fpv camera mount to fit the Runcam micro swift

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    Ukiyo 220 SE (special edition), 5inch prop, 22XX motor size, 4mm streched unibody carbon frame, 72gr with fasteners.Ideal for FPV racing. SE is for special edition, a new frame serie introduced by NRACING.The SE extension means you can fly with a unique frame, sticker set or hand painted by various artists. NOTE : comes now with a 3d print fpv camera...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items